Punjab Grill: Dine like Royalty

We really liked the simplicity of the Tava Scallop. Although the preparation is simple, a single bite of the scallop bursts with flavour – a really sophisticated dish.

Amidst the glamourous interior of golden chandeliers, many silver-ringed presented cloth napkins, and intricately designed cutlery of Punjab Grill, is a humble corporate chef JavedAhamad that has dedicated his life and his team to serve customers visiting the royal eatery in Marina Bay Sands.

JavedAhamad is an award winning chef with years of international experience working in a five-star hotel called LeelaKempenski Hotel in Mumbai, before his debut in Singapore. The restaurant and their staff are also proud award winners, holding many honours like Best Restaurant of the Year Awards, and Wine and Dining Awards. Despite the decorations for Javed and the restaurant, Javed still has the humble mind-set that holds that customers’ needs will always take precedence over winning trophies.

Dine like royalty at Punjab Grill

The awards that were won are proof of the delicious Punjab food that is inspired by various cultures. Each dish is masterfully prepared by the corporate chef with heart and soul. Their menu consists of various courses like the Weekday Power Lunch Menu, and also caters to Gluten and Dairy Free customers. They also come in vegetarian and non-vegetarian options; showing that the restaurant prides themselves in tailoring menus to your needs.

Although every dish prepared by chef Javed is special, we’ve tried some of his dishes that he had personally recommended that we would like to share.

The Salmon Tikka is a great starter for a fine-dining experience

For starters, Chef Javed introduced to us the Salmon Tikka. The Salmon Tikka is an oil and butter free dish marinated in dill leaves, Dijon mustard, ginger garlic paste, and yellow chilli powder. It is then finely presented on a plate with a slash of yoghurt once the Salmon is smoked.

Chef Javed boldly prided himself with the Butter Chicken, stating that the dish is highly acclaimed and world famous

The first main dish is the Butter Chicken. Chef Javed boasted that the Butter Chicken is world famous. It is prepared by marinating the chicken with a low-fat yoghurt, chilli powder, ginger garlic paste, and lemon juice. The chicken is then cooked with tomato-based gravy, granting the dish a special tangy and spicy flavour.

We really liked the simplicity of the Tava Scallop. Although the preparation is simple, a single bite of the scallop bursts with flavour – a really sophisticated dish.

Once we were done with the Butter Chicken, we were presented with the unique looking Tava Scallop. The Tava Scallop was a simple dish seasoned with salt and pepper, and then cooked in oyster sauce before being placed onto a beautiful scallop shell. We really liked the simplicity of this dish; despite its singular-shelled presentation, it was a really delicious meal.

The Saffron Phirni is a classic dessert presented with a touch of Punjab Grill panache

We called on for desserts once we were finished with the scallop, and our chef recommended the Saffron Phirni. The Saffron Phirni was this colourful plate of three cups of off-white, red, and purple. It’s made of a mixture of rice and milk, carefully sprinkled with saffron and cardamom powder.

You can dine like royalty and meet head chef JavedAhamad at B1-01A, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands South Podium, 2 Bayfront Avenue, S(018972)

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