Established in January 2019 by PINDOT Pte Ltd, Our Food Channel is the largest search engine to aid the stomachs and taste buds for all people living in Singapore. Treat it like a “Google search engine” for food. The ever-growing website aims to help everyone in Singapore find noteworthy places to eat and the best eatery for their cravings. It is also a platform to help food businesses reach out to more diners through the marriage between the food directory and videos.
In a country bursting with unique restaurants and hawker culture, it is important for food businesses to find their “je ne sais quoi” in order to attract potential customers. The team at Our Food Channel have designed low-cost, yet effective marketing strategies to find that spark in your food business.
Our mission is to be the bridge between foodies and eateries. We create options for diners, while bringing potential diners to both restaurants and hawker stalls.
The website is a fun and friendly platform for all food-lovers. Our Food Channel provides a beautiful, simple, smart, and easy to use set of tools to both showcase your food business and connect with your community.