Central Thai: A Romantic Restaurant Perfect for a Date by the Sea

A perfect place for small gatherings and private events too!

Picture this: You’re thinking of bringing your date out for a nice dinner, and you found this restaurant by East Coast Park. You bring her there, sit by the open space of the restaurant, have great Thai food with the sea breeze for company, and you have a good time.

Central Thai is a great place for a date like that. It has a pleasant seaside ambience by East Coast Park, with delicious food – perfect for private events or a date.

When you’re out with your date at Central Thai in East Coast Park, there are a few dishes that are notable orders to ensure your night to be one that’s memorable because of how delicious the food is.

Want to go on a Thai Restaurant date by the sea? We’ve got you covered.

For starters, you should go for the Mango Salad (S$12.80). The salad is a great appetiser for what’s to come – it acts as a palate cleanser so that you will be able to thoroughly enjoy the spicy Thai mains. It’s also a good option for appetite conditioning with its sweet and sour taste.

For starters, the Mango Salad is the perfect palate cleanser.

There are three dishes we’d recommend when it comes to the main course (Thus, making the experience a three-course mains meal that is worth your while.). For carbs, go for the Phad Thai (S$11.80). Central Thai’s Phad Thai is a beautiful balance of not just spice, but their rice noodles are cooked in a way where it enhances the lime garnish, making the dish an enjoyable journey to have with your significant other.

The Steamed Spicy Lemon Live Barramundi is a great dish for a meal

To compliment your meal, the Steamed Spicy Lemon Live Barramundi is an option that you should not miss out on. Although the pricing for the live Barramundi is indicative, that is, you’ll have to inquire of the seasonal pricing from the staff, the fish is well prepared with a spicy lemon sauce. The Barramundi is steamed in spices and lemon so that the spiciness and sweetness of the dish stands out. It’s also a healthier option.

You can never go wrong on a Thai Restaurant date with a plate of Phad Thai

What other dish to complete your meal in a Thai restaurant than to order Tom Yum Soup (S$16.80)? The soup comes with the selection of seafood, chicken, beef or prawn. The soup is the perfect balance of sour and spicy, therefore, granting the perfect completion of your three-course mains with your date.

A memorable date in a Thai restaurant by the sea must have Mango Sticky Rice (S$9.80) as a finisher. With this dessert, we can bet with you that you don’t even need flowers – it is generous with its condensed milk and the mango is sweet that goes very well together with the glutinous rice. It’s the perfect metaphor for your date: “You are the sticky rice to my mango”.

The Mango Sticky Rice is a great dessert for a finisher

Central Thai is the perfect place for small gatherings and private events with its breezy open space and delicious Thai food. With their generous selection in their menu, you don’t have to worry about variety spoiling your evening affair.

You can find Centrai Thai at 1300 East Coast Parkway, East Coast Park Area F, S(568964).

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