Delhi6: The cheapest Indian restaurant in Little India

And the food is exceptionally good too!

Do you know that it is possible to fine dine in a restaurant in Race Course Road without breaking the bank? You can do so by visiting Delhi 6. The restaurant features a new fine dining and bar that serves cheap North Indian Cuisine.

Food items in the restaurant start at a cheap price of S$1.50. Their naan breads come at an affordable price from S$3.

Delhi 6 is a cosy restaurant that offers a fine-dining experience without having you break the bank

We tried some of their main dishes, and we must say, the quality certainly more than fits the price point. Their Lamb Biryani is one of the rice dishes we recommend. The dish comes at an affordable price of S$9.90; it consists of basmati rice cooked on dum with baby lamb marinated in Indian herbs. This rice dish is presented in a colourful pot, and is aromatic as it is tasty.

Their chicken cuisines are also great choices for a dine-in experience. Their Chicken Tikka Masala (S$16) comes coated in a tangy tomato and onion gravy. The chicken is infused with aromatic spices that give a pleasant and slightly spicy aftertaste.

The Tandoori Chicken is evenly smoked, is tender, and is juicy too

Another chicken dish we recommend you go for is the Tandoori Chicken (S$16). The Tandoori Chicken is well smoked in a tandoor pot. Even though it is cooked in a tandoor pot, the chicken is tender and juicy.

To top off your fine dining experience, you can get alcoholic drinks from as low as S$5. These days, it is hard to find alcoholic drinks at this price point. The bar offers various types of beers and hard liquor for your choosing. They also offer other beverages like Mango Lassi (S$5), and Juices from S$4.

Delhi 6 is a cosy place where you can find good food without having to spend much for a meal.

You can find Delhi 6 at 22 Race Course Road, Level 2, S(428751). You can access the restaurant via exit E from Little India MRT.

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