Ginger Thai: TripAdvisor’s Top-Rated Thai Restaurant

And definitely one for the spicy-lovers!

If you’re around Singapore and you go to TripAdvisor searching for Thai Food, you’d find that Ginger Thai would be one of the top restaurants on the list. And the reason for the restaurant being #1 on the list is well-founded: Their dishes are fit for the most courageous daredevils of spice out there.

What’s Ginger Thai’s flagship dish? Their Suicide Fiery Chicken

So what are they famous for? You know this restaurant is serious with cooking really spicy cuisines when their flagship dish is called the Suicide Fiery Chicken (S$19). This dish features a hotplate of chicken stir fried with ginger paste, lemongrass, lime leafs, and red chilies. It’s as hot as it looks and sounds (In both name and how it sizzles on the hotplate.).

There are other dishes in the restaurant repertoire that are worth mentioning. If you visit Ginger Thai and not try their Pad Thai (S$18), you’re missing out. Their Pad Thai comes with the option of seafood or chicken, and their thin rice noodles are stir fried with garlic, chives, shallots and eggs. These noodles are garnished with spicy chilli powder and crushed peanuts. The dish is an absolute delight!

You’d be stuffed at the end of your Stuffed Chicken feast

Another must-try dish is their Stuffed Chicken Wings. The wings are $4.50 a piece, minimum 2 pieces per plate. However, we can assure you that you would definitely be ordering more than 2 pieces. These chickens are filled with minced chicken and Thai herbs, and are then battered and deep fried. It’s so good to the point you’d be stuck in a cycle of having this “just one more” mindset. Before you know it, you would be stuffed with stuffed chicken wings.

Their Seabass is spicy with a zesty aftertaste

The final dish we would like to recommend is their Steamed Seabass (S$33).  This Seabass is a healthy option and is steamed in Spicy tom yum sauce along with lemon and cherry tomatoes. The lemon and cherry tomatoes give the fish this zesty aftertaste, while the tom yum sauce adds spice to the flesh of the fish. You won’t regret trying this fish once you’ve had your first bite.

When it’s too hot to handle, break glass and order a Caramelised Banana and Fried Coconut Ice-Cream

We’ve warned you, having a meal in Ginger Thai is going to be a really spicy and hot experience. Thankfully, the restaurant is well aware of the possible plight of their customers and is prepared to do a little firefighting. In their arsenal are desserts that can quell your flaming hot tongue from eating all that spicy food. You can try their Caramelised Banana and Fried Coconut Ice-Cream (S$12) to cool down from the heat.

If you’re a little bit more adventurous and are looking for a good drink to accompany your meal. You can stop by the bar in the restaurant. The bartender is a skilled drink-mix and is friendly. If you’re lucky, you can ask him to showcase his juggling skills with his martini shakers. Just make sure to order a drink along the way, like a Ginger Thai Mojito (S$10).

You can find Ginger Thai at 37/29, Cuppage Road, S(229460).

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