Greenleaf Café: Best Indian Vegetarian Restaurant in Singapore

They believe in providing a balanced, nutritious diet to ensure their customers have a long life, while enjoying the flavours and tastes of sumptuous vegan/vegetarian food.

Are you looking for affordable and healthy Indian vegetarian cuisines? Look no further than Greenleaf Café! This Indian restaurant serves herbal vegetarian cuisines that you will never be able to find in any other Indian vegetarian restaurants.

The food over at Greenleaf is prepared based on 5 core values, with the health, happiness, and wellness of their customers in mind:

  • No MSG
  • No Preservatives
  • No re-use of cooking oil
  • No white sugar
  • No artificial colours

These 5 core values of Greenleaf is the building blocks of their belief in providing a balanced and nutritious diet to ensure their customers have long life, while enjoying the flavours and tastes of sumptuous vegan and vegetarian food.

The Idly burger is filled with vegetables and cheese sandwiched between fried idly patties;.

You can see and taste these core values by the different dishes they prepare, specifically the Idly Burger. The use of new cooking oil to fry the idly ensures these fried steamed cakes of rice to be fresh while it sandwiches a generous amount of vegetables in between. Another Idly item that’s a must-try is their curry leaf powder idly. This Idly dish is cooked with curry leaf and dried chilli to ensure that its spiciness while retaining its curry flavour. The best part is that no preservatives and MSG was used to cook the dish.

The Chapatthi Pizza is packed with olives, onions, potatoes and cheese – a delicious and, surprisingly, healthy dish.

If you like Chapatthi, you can order a delicious Chapatthi Pizza dish. This pizza has a chapatthi base topped with tomato sauce, olives, onions, potatoes, and cheese. It’s a great dish to substitute for your pizza cravings while sticking to the herbal-vegetarian spirit.

No oil was reused in the frying of the Banana Flower Vada. No sugar was used in frying the vada too – the fragrant aftertaste is achieved naturally with the banana flowers used in preparing the dish.

We would also highly recommend the Banana Flower Vada, again, they do not re-use the cooking oil to fry the vada; they also do not use sugar in their vada batter – the banana flower does all the work in ensuring a certain form of sweetness when you feast on the vada, it also has a fragrant and natural aftertaste of banana flower after your first bite.

The natural sweetness of the honeydew is what makes this beverage so special. Perfect drink under the hot sun!

Are you a honeydew lover? Go for the Honeydew Punch! This beverage is prepared without the use of white sugar, allowing the natural sweetness of the honeydew to stand out. The mixture of milk, nuts, and the juice from the honeydew is refreshing on a hot day.

Greenleaf Cafe offers a buffet at an affordable price. They also have catering available.

If you’re looking for a healthy herbal Indian vegetarian restaurant to visit, Greenleaf café is a great place to drop by. The restaurant also has a lunch buffet for S$15 that is really worth going for, and also offers catering services to bring healthy food to your doorstep.

Eat healthy at Greenleaf Café at 43 Cuff Road, S(209753).

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