Hao Lai Wu: Seafood Steamboat on a Crystal Hot-Pot

and you can enjoy BBQ Buffet simultaneously too!

With every joyful journey for a good steamboat and BBQ come the pains of eating from a hot-pot too: smoke getting into your eye, oil splattering on your skin, and worst of all, accidentally scalding yourself from the metal pot you’re using to cook your food. There is no better place for enjoying a good steamboat and BBQ (~S$24.80/pax) than to eat from a crystal hot-pot at Hao Lai Wu.

There is no unique place for a BBQ and steamboat at the same time like Hao Lai Wu

What makes this crystal hot-pot so special, and why does it allow Hao Lai Wu to stand out from their other steamboat competitors? The crystal hot-pot allows you to enjoy your steamboat without having for you to worry about accidentally burning your skin on contact with the pot. It’s quite an amazing piece of kitchen cookware – you can touch the pot while your steamboat is boiling and not get burnt.

Hao Lai Wu’s Crystal Hot-Pot prevents accidental scalding

With the hassle of having to worry about unintentionally burning yourself out of the way, you can now indulge in their myriad of seafood, vegetable, and meat options to fill your hot-pot and BBQ on the side.

Their seafood and meat options are diverse and abundant – You can load up your hot-pot with various shellfishes like clams, scallops, and mussels while stacking up on bulgogi beef, and sweet char siew-like pork meat. Make sure to accompany your meat-and-seafood-feasting-escapade with some vegetables for healthy digestion.

They have a myriad of seafood and meats for you to indulge in

Speaking of vegetables, they have a healthy inventory of them too. You can balance out your meal with different kinds of cabbages, broccoli, and bok choy along the way. To add more flavour into your meal, there are various sauces you can mix and match to your liking.

Hao Lai Wu has an assortment of ala carte dishes that are worth ordering too

Hao Lai Wu also has ala carte options for those who feel that a steamboat hot-pot and BBQ may not suit their cravings, or are looking for more variety on top of the various food options.

Their Mala Chicken is spicy and tasty at the same time

Their ala carte menu is quite varied too. You can order unique cuisines like Coca-cola marinated Chicken (S$10) or their Szechuan Double Cooked Meat (S$12). We recommend ordering their Mala Chicken and Mapo Tofu when you’re there and craving for some ala carte food.

Hao Lai Wu is a great place for safe steamboat hot-pot and BBQ.

You can find Hao Lai Wu at 175 Bencoolen Street, Burlington Square, #01-57, S(189649).

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