Jewel Changi: 10 Food Places to Visit Apart from Shake Shack and A&W

We’re here to recommend food places in Jewel that you should totally visit!

Singapore’s “Crown Jewel” mixed-used development at Changi Airport has finally opened its doors to the public; and with so many stores opened at Jewel, there is bound to be delicious food that follows.

We know long anticipated establishments like Shake Shack has made their debut with delicious shakes and burgers straight out of New York and into the mouths of every Singaporean. Also, A&W has made their return for root beer floats and fast food loved throughout generations, and has promised to open another outlet in our diamond-shaped nation soon.

But Shake Shack and A&W aren’t the only places that serve good food right? That is why we’re here to recommend 10 other food places in Jewel that you should totally visit.

1) Pink Fish

Pink Fish serves dishes focused on the Norwegian Salmon – their first international outlet on Singapore shores.

It’s pretty hard to find fresh, bon-a-fide, strong fish-flavoured Norwegian Salmon in Singapore. Pink Fish has brought their Norwegian Salmon dishes onto our shores for the first time. The restaurant has a menu where you can order your size of catch and decide how you would like your Norwegian salmon to be prepared.

The eatery has options of burgers, wraps, soups, and even salads with their salmon prepared raw for you to enjoy. The brand is hosted by Geir Skeie, a chef who has won the title of World’s Best Chef in a biennale world championship. It’s hard to believe such quality salmon can be ordered in a way similar to that of fast-food chains – so be prepared to be surprised.

Find fresh catch @ B1 – 261 / 262

2) TONITO Latin-American Kitchen

The dishes at Tonito hails from Cuba, Mexico, Columbia, Brazil, Argentina, and Venezuela.

TONITO is an important place to visit if you like Latin-American cuisines. The kitchen is the first all-Latin-American establishment in Singapore featuring dishes from Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela.

This place is one of the best considerations with mouth-watering buns and delicious Tacos.

You can find TONITO @ L2 – 248

3) El Fuego by COLLINS

You can find COLLIN’s halal European dishes at El Fuego

COLLINS is the brand for European cuisines and tasty aged steaks. At Jewel, they’ve finally established the halal front for European food. The restaurant features a variety of dishes involving beef, chicken, and fish cooked COLLINS style.

Catch El Fuego @ L2-216

4) Yun Nans

With over 150 outlets across China, Yun Nans has brought their famous Chinese restaurant chain to Singapore.

Yun Nans is a famous Chinese restaurant chain with over 150 outlets throughout China. With the opening of Jewel, they’ve established their first international store to serve different Chinese delicacies specifically from the region of Yunnan.

Enjoy Yunnan food @ L2 – 217

5) JW360

Beside this cafe is a Japanese provisions store, and beside that is a bar-restaurant.

Also known as “Japan Three Sixty”, JW360 is a Japanese brand that has rooted themselves at Jewel’s first floor with a whopping span of three units. This expansive Japanese brand houses a café, provision store, and bar-restaurant concept to cater to every need.

The café features many different cakes as well as coffee and tea beverages for all Japanese café lovers. The centre of attraction for the brand is their provision store, selling different sake, mochis, snacks and Japanese imports. Next door is their restaurant and bar serving unique Japanese cuisines.

Visit JW360 @ L1 – 223 to 225.

6) Café Amazon

Cafe Amazon is Thailand’s number 1 brand for coffee.

Café Amazon is the number 1 coffee brand in Thailand. With Jewel’s prestigious opening, grand scale, and promise for countless visitors passing through flights or mainland, the brand has decided to establish their flagship store here.

Café Amazon is not like Starbucks; their flagship outlet features various drip-pressed coffees with coffee beans sourced natively from Thailand.

Get a good cup of coffee at Café Amazon @ L4 -225

7) Tiger Street Lab

Name your beer here.

Tiger has been a local brand for beer in Singapore for many years. Apart from their brewery tour at Tuas, you can visit their flagship store over at Jewel. The restaurant feels like there are dedicated pipings on kegs running through Jewel to serve mug after mug of our local award winning beer.

Oh, did we mention that you can create your very own custom-named beer bottle?

Check out Tiger Street Lab @ L5 – 205

8) Emack & Bolios

The cow at the corner of this picture was created way before the cow at Ben & Jerry’s.

Long before Ben & Jerry’s, there was Emack & Bolios. They consider themselves the grandfather of Ben & Jerry’s, claiming to serve hippie-styled ice-cream in Boston before our cow-mascot brand made their debut.

Emack & Bolios pride themselves to serve the original Oreo Ice-Cream to those looking for a cool, sweet ball of milk and sugar on a cone [Because they claim to be the creators of the Oreo Ice-Cream.]. You can also get marshmallow cones for your ice-cream from them too – A worthwhile visit for their first outlet in Singapore.

Have some hippie ice-cream @ B2-234

9) Läderach Chocolatier Suisse

Looking for gourmet chocolate?

Läderach Chocolatier Suisse is a Swedish gourmet chocolate brand with different kinds of truffles and chocolate bars. Their chocolates are priced not based on specific fixed packages, but according to the weight of the chocolate you have decided to purchase.

Their chocolates are made from cocoa beans sourced from Trinidad, and are processed in Sweden to produce the highest quality chocolate. Perfect for gifts.

Find Läderach Chocolatier Suisse @ L1 – 241

10) The Cookie Museum

How about gourmet cookies?

Speaking of food-related gifts, if Swedish chocolate does not fancy you, we would recommend a visit to The Cookie Museum. This is a good place to buy gourmet cookies with exotic flavours as gifts for eating.

You can spot various flavoured cookies reminiscent of Singapore’s local flavours like cereal prawns, chilli crab, Singapore chicken rice, and even chiffon cake. These cookies can be sampled fine-dining style if you approach the store’s friendly staff.

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