Mumbai Magic: Best Gujarati Restaurant in Singapore

They are back with a bang!

Mumbai Magic was a brand that once autonomously served true, authentic Gujarati cuisine to their customers. It was unfortunate when we heard the brand had stopped operating for a time. Today, Mumbai Magic is back when Shivam Restaurant had acquired it and continued the legacy. You can now head down to Shivam Restaurant for bonafide Gujarati goodness.

The Khaman Dokla is a fragrant cake-like snack that everyone should try.

Mumbai Magic was once known for their delicious snacks. Shivam has brought back these snacks that we love so much. One such snack is the Khaman Dokla (S$8). The Khaman Dokla is a soft, spongy cake garnished with coriander leaves and grated coconut. It’s a dish that isfragrant in its taste. The Vada Pav (S$6) is also back. It is a snack featuring deep fried battered potato vadas placed between buns. The Vada Pav is an affordable snack if you’re looking for something light.

Gujarati cuisines are also famous for their special curries. You will never find curries as special in places like Shivam. The Undhiyu (S$12) is a rich, green curry that is made of green vegetables, methimuthia, green masala, and chopped coriander leaves. The Gujarati Khadi is also a special yoghurt based curry that is cooked with spices.

The Gujarati Thali in Shivam Restaurant is a platter that features various combinations on a daily basis.

Gujarati foods also have their own special platter called the Gujarati Thali (S$12). The Gujarati Thali is a platter of various Gujarati dishes accompanying rice. The Gujarati Thali in Shivam comes in various combinations with each day of the week. For example, you can order a Gujarati Thali that features Gujarati Kadi, Khichdi, Undiyoo, Mong Raswala, Aloo Jeera on a Sunday. If you visit the restaurant on Monday, you’d get something slightly different with Gujarati Dal, Baingan Barta, Dudi Chana, Mix Veg Raswala. Regardless of the day you come over for a Gujarati Thali, it’s a guarantee that you would leave the restaurant a satisfied foodie.

The Baingan Bharta is an eggplant dish cooked with spring onions, spices, tomatoes, butter and garnished with coriander leaves

The final food feature for Mumbai Magic is the Gujarati Baingan Bharta (S$11). The Baingan Bharta is a dish made of eggplants, spring onion, and cooked with spices, tomatoes, butter, and garnished with coriander leaves. It is a delicious dish for people who love eggplants.

Mumbai Magic’s return is exciting news for new and old customers alike. Being under Shivam Restaurant’s wing, they are dedicated to bring the magic of Gujarati food into the hearts and stomachs of everyone looking for authentic Gujarati cuisines.

You can find Mumbai Magic at Shivam Restaurant, 87 Syed Alwi Road, S(207666), just right next to Mustafa Centre.

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