Oikos Western Delight: Delightful Western Food at Geylang Bahru Food Centre

And they have been delighting customers for more than 20 years!

Hawker culture is very important to Singaporeans – and part of that hawker culture is a huge collection of Western Food stalls littered around the food centres of Singapore. In Geylang Bahru Food Centre is Oikos Western Delight, and it’s the best place you can order western cuisines around the area.

Oikos Western Delight has two branches around Singapore. One is in Chinatown, run by the cousin of the lady boss in the GeylangBahru branch. The family has been serving western hawker food faithfully to customers for 20 years. So, we headed toward the Geylang Bahru branch for a lunch to try out their western cuisines.

We ordered the Chicken Chop and their Fish and Chips and loved both dishes.

Oikos Western Delight’s Chicken Chop is generous in their gravy

The hawkers were very generous with their gravy when preparing the Chicken Chop (S$6). The gravy has a good balance of both salt and pepper. It is no wonder the dish is one of those that’s regularly ordered by their patrons. The chicken is also well prepared – never overcooked to the point it is too hard. With soft, evenly cooked chicken meat, and a generous serving of gravy, you can never go wrong with Oikos Western Delight’s Chicken Chop.

What makes a good Singaporean Hawker Fish and Chips dish? For Oikos Western Delights, it’s their breading

What makes a good Fish and Chips dish for a hawker western food stall? For some, it’s the option of having unique sauces or gravy on top of the fish. For others, it’s how well the mayonnaise marries the fish in taste and flavour. But, for Oikos Western Delight, it’s the breading. The stall prepares the fish with breading that’s evenly spread, and cooked in oil, but not too oily. When you cut the fish into pieces, you would observe that the oil does not seep into the meat and hamper the taste of the fish – the way they cook it, it’s one of the most perfect ways in preparing a plate of Singaporean Hawker Fish and Chips.

Oikos Western Delights is a great place to patronise for nice hawker food. Pay them a visit when you’re around GeylangvBahru Food Centre.

You can find Oikos Western Delights at 69 Geylang Bahru, Geylang Bahru Food Centre, S(330069), #01-66.

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