Peace Japanese Cuisine: A truly hidden gem in Bukit Timah

Within 2 years of its operation, it has already won various awards!

If you’re searching for Omakase (a Japanese meal whose dishes are selected by the chef) options, we think Peace Japanese Cuisine would be a great choice. Peace Japanese Cuisine is a recent Japanese restaurant most known for their fresh air flown sashimi. The restaurant started in 2017 and is helmed by Executive Chef Elson Lee, a chef with over 20 years of relevant Kaiseke, Omakase, and Sushi Bar dining experience. The restaurant offers a 7-course KaisekiOmakase meal for S$100 per person, which is an affordable price for an Omakase meal.

Peace Japanese is known for their fresh air flown sashimi and foie gras

Aside from the Omakase meal, Peace Japanese is also known for the foie gras dishes. You canenjoy a plate of tasty duck liver on top of a serving of raddish dripping withsweet sauce for S$27.80. They also serve a Sirloin Steak with Foie Gras for S49.80. The steak is a fine option if you’re craving for well-prepared foie gras.

This is the AburiUnagi Shake Maki (S$14.80)

Peace Japanese also serves other signature dishes like their sushi and sashimi. If you’re looking for juicy sashimi and a filling meal, we’d recommend you go for their Chirashi Don (S$28.80). The dish comes with a generous serving of assorted seafood slices like salmon and tuna on top of a bowl of sushi rice. It’s also topped with salmon roe and cucumber.

Their sashimi are fresh, generous, and deliciously fatty

They also serve Otoro (Fatty Blue Fin Tuna Belly) Sashimi with Salmon Sashimi (S$46.80). Their slices are thick and juicy and are freshly served on a bowl of ice and kale.

Our final recommendation involves the AburiUnagi Shake Maki (S$14.80). The sushi is a fusion of Aburiunagi wrapped in sushi rice and is topped by salmon slices and maki. This sushi is a delicious choice for sushi lovers.

Peace Japanese Cuisine is a great place for authentic and delicious Japanese food

Peace Japanese Cuisine is situated at the peaceful heart of Beauty World Centre. This award winning restaurant is a great place to visit for true, authentic, and healthy Japanese food.

You can find Peace Japanese Cuisine at 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #04-03 Beauty World Centre, S(588177).

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