Shamiana: Halal Indian Restaurant in Serangoon Gardens

They also have bike delivery services and catering service, bringing delicious food right to your doorstep!

There is a nice and cosy restaurant around Serangoon Gardens that serves one of the best options for North Indian food around the area. Shamiana Restaurant does not just serve halal North Indian cuisines in their cosy restaurant, but also has bike delivery services and catering service, bringing food right to your doorstep.

They offer catering and delivery places to areas around Serangoon, Hougang, Sengkang, Punggol, and Yishun.

Now that we’ve told you that delivery options are possible, you might be considering ordering some of their delicious cuisines. To help you with your potential order, we visited the restaurant to try some of their food and give you some recommendations along the way.

Paneer Tikka is a must-try dish at Shamiana

One of their must-order dishes is the Paneer Tikka (S$13.90). They have this Paneer Tikka, a dish of Paneer cheese smoked in a tandoor over, that’s marinated in honey mustard, making the dish that’s both uniquely sweet and salty. Their original Paneer Tikka is also one that is bursting with flavour.

The Mama Mia Mutton is like a rich stew on a hotplate

Another dish that we would recommend you bring to your doorstep is the Mama Mia Mutton (S$17.90). Although Shamiana’s website states that the Mama Mia Mutton is just a dish consisting of “Succulent pieces of lamb cooked with chopped onions and tomatoes.”, it tastes more than it is described. The Mama Mia Mutton feels like a rich stew on a hotplate. The lamb is generously covered with the gravy that’szesty and flavoursome.

Their biryani rice comes in options of Prawn, Lamb, Chicken, and Vegetable

Their Biryani Rice is a fragrant option for carbs. Shamiana serves various options of biryani: Prawn (S$17.90), Lamb (S$16.90), Chicken (S$15.90), and Vegetable (S$13.90). Regardless of what you order, their rice is fragrant and tasty, and is a good base for other main dishes.

The GulabJamoon Dessert is a sweet and milky dessert made of fried dumplings covered in sugar syrup

For desserts, the GulabJamoon Dessert (S$5.50) is a sweet and milky treat. The dessert is made of fried dumplings covered in sugar syrup.

Now, you can order these dishes with ease that they’ll be a great experience for a home delivery service right at your doorstep. For catering options, Shamiana offers packages ranging from S$16 to S$22. On top of that, they also have a full buffet setup option with a minimum order of 30 pac and applicable charges of S$80 for transportation.

If you live around Serangoon Gardens, or are there for a meal and are looking for halal North Indian Food, you can visit Shamiana at 24 Maju Avenue, S(556696).

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