Shivam Restaurant: The Best Gujarati Restaurant in Singapore

And they serve Italian, Mexican and North Indian vegetarian cuisines too!

Where in Singapore can you find a restaurant that serves Gujarati cuisine, Mexican food, and North Indian dishes that are all vegetarian? There is only one place that offers such a menu, and that is Shivam Restaurant.

The Khaman Dokla is an aromatic starter

Shivam Restaurant is the only place in Singapore that serves authentic Gurajarti cuisine. This is because the brand that offers true Gurjarati cuisines, Mumbai Magic, was acquired by Shivam, bringing back the magic of Mumbai Magic for their customers.For starters, people would visit the restaurant for their Khaman Doklas (S$8) and their Methi Na Gothas (S$9). The Khaman Dokla is a soft, spongy dish garnished with coriander leaves and grated coconut. It’s a dish that leaves a pleasant aromatic taste at the back of your throat on first bite – and that is a food experience worth having. The Methi Na Gotha (S$9) is a starter consisting of fenugreek leaves served with fried chili. It’s also a great starter to have for a meal.

The Gujarati Thali is a platter that will definitely leave you satisfied with their varied daily change-ups

If you’re looking for a meal to satisfy your stomach, we would recommend you go for the Gujarati Thali (S$12). The Gujarati Thali is a platter of various Gujarati dishes accompanying rice. Take it like it’s some form of a sampler for Gujarati food. What makes the Gujarati Thali and even more specialised dish is that the various accompanying dishes in the platter varies with each day of the week. For example, you can order a Gujarati Thali that features Gujarati Kadi, Khichdi, Undiyoo, Mong Raswala, Aloo Zeera on a Sunday. If you visit the restaurant on Monday, you’d get something slightly different with Gujarati Dal, Baingan Barta, Dudi Chana, Mix Veg Raswala. Regardless of the day you come over for a Gujarati Thali, it’s a guarantee that you would leave the restaurant a satisfied foodie.

Shivam offers enchilada and quesadilla options that are authentic and delicious

Shivam also features a slew of various tasty Mexican treats. Like every joint offering Mexican food, you can order different enchiladas and quesadillas in the menu. Shivam’s Quesadillas (S$15) features a soft tortilla, peas, and cheese on a plate. You can also get some Mexican Rice (S$12) that is made of Mexican Sauce, onion, American corn, carrots, green peas, and paneer cooked in rice, giving this authentic taste of Mexican food.

We really liked the Mexican Pasta Sizzler

One of our favourite Mexican dishes is the Mexican Pasta Sizzler (S$16). This dish is a hot plate of pasta topped with paneer cheese, black beans, mushroom, spring onion, and American corn. These bunches of delicious ingredients are cooked on a hotplate of butter, causing the plate to sizzle and have the flavours of the ingredients married beautifully in taste into this pasta dish.

Shivam is a place for vegetarian lovers who also like Mexican, Gujarati, and North Indian food

Shivam Restaurant is a place that serves authentic Gujarati, Mexican, and North Indian cuisines. The best thing about their varied menu is that the dishes are vegetarian – which means it’s a proper haven for vegetarians to dine in.

You can find Shivam Restaurant at 87 Syed Alwi Road, S(207666), just right next to Mustafa Centre.

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