Wafuken: Healthy Japanese-styled Western cuisine

And they are also the first sous-vide restaurant in Singapore!

“Sous-vide” is a process of cooking that involves placing your food into a plastic bag or a glass and submerging it into hot water.Over time (usually 1 to 7 hours, and up to 48 hours of cooking), the food is believed to be cooked more evenly because heat is conducted around the food that is submerged in water. It is also believed that the item retains its moisture once cooked, and is a healthier way of cooking compared to other cooking methods. You can use sous-vide to cook meats, fish, and vegetables.

Wafuken is one of the earliest adopters of the sous-vide cooking method in Singapore

One of the earliest adopters for the Sous-vide cooking method is a restaurant called Wafuken (“Wafu” means Japanese styled western cuisines; “ken” suggesting Kenko, a Japanese term for wellness.).

You can treat Wafuken like a Japanese food version of a make-your-own-salad parlour. You will first need to choose your choice of protein (all cooked using the sous-vide method), and then choose your choice of carbs (Like rice or noodles), and lastly proceed to choosing any form of sides you would like to complete your bowl.

Their Donburi option is a great hassle-free choice for a healthy meal

The sky is the limit when it comes to the customisation of your Japanese bowl. Their proteins available to you include chicken breast (with the option of half breast at S$4, or full breast at S$6), to cod fish (S$18), and even oyster blade steak (half steak for S$8, and full steak for S$14).

To pair your protein, you can add-on to choose up to 25 different sides, including your choice of carbs, to fit all kinds of diet plans. Wafuken has a “donburi-option” (S$4) where it’s fuss-free. They will, basically, serve your protein with a side of Furikake Japanese Brown or White Rice along with onsen egg, daikon and cucumber pickles. This would result in a beautiful donburi bowl along with the protein of your choice.

The restaurant sports 25 different healthy sides for you to choose from.

If you think the donburi option does not appeal to you, then you can make your own Japanese bowl with other sides. You can choose a side of Konnyaku (S$2) and add on a half avocado (S$2), some horseradish tofu (S$1.50) and an Onsen Egg (S$1) to have an all-rounded meal. You can look at the full extent of their menu here.

There are various proteins from you to choose from – from Salmon, to chicken breast, to prawns too

Wafuken is a halal certified restaurant that serves gluten free options. They’re a healthy option for a meal when you’re around downtown.

You can find Wafuken at 5A Shenton Way, OUE Downtown Gallery #02-23, S(068815).

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